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Representation in literature matters! Our goal is to spark curiosity in Black youth and inspire life-long learners to read books that celebrate, include and represent Black culture.

The book club was created to fill a need in the community, improve literacy skills and foster the love of reading in Black youth. We provide a safe space for youth to connect with their peers and review books with Black characters and relatable themes. We are creating a community that supports, encourages and celebrates Black culture through literature and dialogue.

A world where Black children feel included, represented and celebrated in books.


Our book club exists to help Black children and youth fall in love with reading through Africentric-focused books.


  • All books are focused on Black characters and Black stories

  • We give priority to Black-owned bookstores and books by Black authors 

  • We create a safe space for Black children to build self-confidence, improve literacy skills and celebrate their identity through Africentric-focused literature

Guiding principles

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